Wow you are really good at cosplays, like they`re amazing. I admire you :) And I know that everyone tells you that, but you are quite cute :) 


I think you are quite nice and you like Lana del Rey and that is awesome <3 and your fandoms are really great and now I`m wondering why we`ve never talked 


You like Sebastian Stan and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, that`s enough for me. 

I think you are one of the smartest people around here and I love your humour and your sass, and you and the other Romanian person that I have talked about tonight go on my list of favourite Romanian people :D 


Ah wifey <3 I almost didn`t recognize you (it`s not my fault you change your url so often hehe). You are one of my favourite persons around here and my only regret is that I failed to keep in touch with you :( Because you are like super awesome and amazing and our conversations were the best


I think you are one of the few people who still talk to me and you have no idea how much I appreciate that (even if I`m bad at showing it, I suck). And you never bother me so I don`t want to ever hear it again!! You are smart and interesting and you are such a nice person and I enjoy talking to you, my dragon slayer ;) 


I love your blog, I love your fandoms and I share your love for Team Dragonstone hehe. I don`t know much about you, but I think we would get along :D 

You are really really really nice, and I appreciate all the support you have offered me on both my blogs. You are one of the people who remind me that tumblr is not such a bad place :) 

jaime or cersei *evil laughter*

Damn… Cersei. There, I did it.

Thank you! :) 

Whoa I haven`t gotten so many messages since people were sending me hate for the Red Wedding 


I think that a word that could describe you is “flawless”. Like seriously, I love your sass and your opinions and your taste in men and fiction and honestly, you had me at “I watch Battlestar Galactica”. And you`re Romanian, how cool is that? :D

Jaime or Tyrion?
— Anonymous

Jaime :D

Thank you! :)

Neal or Hook?
— Anonymous

I don`t watch ouat.. sorry :D


I don`t think we ever talked, so all I can say is that my askbox is open :) But I really do like your blog, and I think we have some common fandoms, and btw I share your love for the character you have in your url. *whispers* And you have a pretty name 

cersei or melisandre? x

Cersei :D

Thank you!! :D 

Mutuals send me a number and I’ll make a post talking about you
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